Western Liguria is a fascinating region of Italy, famous for its spectacular coastline, picturesque medieval villages and rich culinary culture. While many people choose to visit this region during the summer season, autumn offers an equally fascinating and unique experience. With breathtaking landscapes, pleasant temperatures and a relaxed atmosphere, autumn in Western Liguria offers visitors moments of serenity and discovery. In this article, we will discover five reasons why autumn is the perfect time to visit this beautiful region.


Breathtaking landscapes with autumnal colours

Autumn transforms western Liguria into a living picture with its warm and evocative colours. The region’s vineyards and olive groves are tinged with shades of red, yellow and orange, creating a unique colour spectacle. Coastal panoramas and sheer cliffs are even more fascinating with their autumnal hues, making each view an unforgettable postcard.



Mild and pleasant climate

During autumn, western Liguria offers a mild climate, with pleasant temperatures and sunny days. Temperatures drop slightly compared to summer, but are still warm enough to allow nice walks on the beach or excursions to the surrounding villages. This climate makes autumn an ideal time to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the region.


Fewer tourists and tranquillity

One of the main reasons for visiting western Liguria in autumn is the reduced flow of tourists compared to the summer season. With fewer tourists around, you can enjoy the region quietly and without queues or waiting. Medieval villages such as Noli, Finalborgo and Albenga are particularly charming during this season, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the history and unique atmosphere of these places without the summer hustle and bustle.


Local events and festivals

Autumn is also the season of local festivals and events in Western Liguria. During this period, many towns and villages host traditional festivals, food and wine festivals and cultural events. Visitors have the opportunity to taste local specialities, participate in folkloristic shows and immerse themselves in the authentic traditions of the region. One example is the “Olioliva” in Imperia, dedicated to the local extra virgin olive oil, a real treat for the palate.


Favourable offers and rates

As tourism decreases during the autumn, many hotels and tourist facilities offer favourable rates and special promotions to attract visitors. This makes autumn a perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing and experience-packed holiday, saving on costs and enjoying high-quality services



Western Liguria in autumn is a must-visit destination for those who want to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, authentic culture and moments of tranquillity. With mild weather, fewer tourists, local events and favourable rates, autumn offers a unique experience to immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of Western Liguria. Whether you are passionate about nature, culture or gastronomy, this beautiful Italian region will captivate you with its autumn magic.