We absolutely do not want to brag, but you often ask us where we find the colourful dresses that we use at work, and so today we will reveal the mystery with an article about shopping in western Liguria!

Well, you should know that around every corner here there is a good opportunity to do some nice shopping: whether you feel more motivated by a walk in a shopping centre, or if you are more the type for some “strolling and boutiques”, our region will be able to satisfy all your desires and your pockets!

The shopping centres

The Mall Sanremo
Via Armea, 43, 18038 Sanremo IM

Just forty minutes from Imperia, The Mall is a new entry in the panorama of our Riviera. For a year now it has been a fixed destination for all lovers of unbridled shopping since it can boast a selection of the finest haute couture: Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace, D&G are the leading names. Chic, exclusive, sophisticated, exactly as the restaurant inside: the Food Lounge by adHoc awaits you for a refreshment break. If you are already in the centre of Sanremo, a dedicated bus will be available for you!

Serravalle Designer Outlet by McArthur Glenn
Via della Moda, 1, 15069 Serravalle Scrivia AL

Located in the very near lower Piedmont, exactly in Serravalle Scrivia, this shopping centre can be reached in about two hours on the highway and has 240 shops. If The Mall wasn’t enough for you, even the most niche buyers will be satisfied by Serravalle Outlet! Besides the aforementioned, here you will find other well-known brands such as Fendi, Moncler, Prada and Burberry. Despite the big names, there are brands for all budgets but above all for all tastes, from home to sports…to Haribo candies! (keep Elena away!) Inside, various restaurants offer a varied proposal that will satisfy palates of any kind!

The markets

Impossible not to mention the city markets, especially the ones in Ventimiglia (on Fridays until 2 pm) and Sanremo (Tuesdays until 1:30 pm and Saturdays until 2 pm) where you might even risk getting lost in the number of people and stalls that you will find! A special mention also for the market in Imperia (Wednesday and Saturday in Oneglia, in the square behind the Church of San Giovanni and on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Porto Maurizio, in via Martiri della Libertà and at the Duomo).

Alassio and Sanremo

Being a D.O.C. Ligurian it’s only natural that, if you ask me, I will always side with those who love strolling shopping. You don’t know what it is? Then you have never been to Alassio! Alassio is a magical seaside town, characterized by its historic centre, the famous Budello. The latter is the ancient carruggio (an old Ligurian narrow street) that crosses the centre halfway and runs parallel to the coastline: a few meters divide these two parallel paths and the result is a relaxing walk among wonderful boutiques and fashion shops accompanied by the fresh sound of the sea waves ​​just a few steps away. Even Sanremo, before having The Mall, was the classic city where you can enjoy an ice cream in the streets of the centre, taking a look at the glittering shop windows. Still today Via Palazzo is the beating heart of the city where you can find unmissable opportunities for your shopping!