Western Liguria is one of Italy’s hidden gems, boasting a spectacular coastline offering breath-taking views and a culture rich in tradition. This captivating region is also the ideal place to spend unforgettable moments with children, offering a wide range of fun and educational activities for the entire family. In this article, we will explore some of the best things to do in Western Liguria with children, making for a memorable holiday for both adults and kids.

Sunny Days at the Beach:

Western Liguria is well-known for its enchanting beaches, perfect for relaxing seaside days with kids. Places like Alassio, Varigotti, and Finale Ligure boast sandy shores and shallow waters, ideal for children to play in complete safety. Building sandcastles, swimming, and playing frisbee are just some of the fun activities that kids will love to do.

Exploring Medieval Towns:

Western Liguria is dotted with fascinating medieval towns, offering a journey back in time for the entire family. Borgio Verezzi, Finalborgo, and Cervo are just some of the towns that deserve a visit. Children will be captivated by the cobblestone alleys, ancient castles, and churches, where they can imagine being knights and princesses in an enchanted world.

Adventure in Natural Parks:

The region offers various natural parks perfect for adventurous days out with kids. The Alpi Liguri Natural Park, with its scenic trails and rich flora and fauna, is ideal for family hikes in nature. Additionally, the Adventure Park in Mendatica provides treetop trails, climbing and Tibetan bridges, offering an exciting challenge for the whole family.

Visits to Theme Parks:

For some family-style fun, Western Liguria also offers theme parks suitable for children. The Le Caravelle Water Park in Ceriale is a popular destination, with slides, pools, and water games for an amazing summer fun day.

Cave Exploration:

Kids will have the opportunity to explore wonderful caves and underground cavities in Western Liguria. The Toirano Caves complex is one of the most famous, with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites that will enchant both young and old. Guided tours offer insights into the history and legends associated with these marvellous geological formations.


Come to Liguria, fun is guaranteed for all ages!


Western Liguria is a magical and captivating place, perfect for an unforgettable vacation with kids. Beaches, medieval towns, natural parks, and caves provide endless opportunities for adventures, explorations, and fun for the whole family. This unique region will make you fall in love with its breath-taking landscapes and authentic Italian atmosphere, creating cherished memories that will stay with you forever.


What are you waiting for? We await you at the Relais del Maro: whether young or old, Western Liguria offers unique and unforgettable activities for all ages!