With this great heat, the thing we want most is to cool off by diving into a crystal clear sea, and no place better than our Liguria to do so since in 2020 it was the region with the highest number of Blue Flags (recognition given to the cleanest sea in Italy).

Maybe you don’t know this, but I’m a big fan of “wild & free”, so if by reading this article you expect a list of super-equipped beaches with every possible comfort, I’m sorry to disappoint you (maybe Elena, the Milanese one, will take care of that!).

I have lived in Liguria all my life and going to the beach has always been a tradition for me. On Sunday mornings our mother woke us up and in a flash, we were already in the car; destination: the sea. How many long waits under the palm trees, sheltered from the sun, for someone to finally free a parking lot! But it was worth the wait. In a jiff a towel was thrown on the shore, a quick dip, an ocean of shells, small coloured stones and only the sea to stem the imagination.

Here they are, then, our favourite “wild and free” beaches in Liguria, even if I promise that some have the comforts that Elena likes so much 😉

1. Bergeggi beach @ Bergeggi, Savona

Leave the car along the road, the perfect spot is around the ice cream stall. A small path among Mediterranean bush will lead you to a tiny oasis of peace. Don’t forget to stop along the way to admire the beautiful panorama that lies ahead of you.

2. Balzi Rossi beach @ Grimaldi, Ventimiglia

Full of services, chic, intimate. If you want to feel a little like on the trendy Emerald Coast, this is certainly the ideal destination for you. Park in the pine forest and enjoy the fresh path among the natural scents of our Liguria. Then reach the Balzi Rossi, the large brick-coloured stones that here surround the beach hiding it and making it almost secret. The price for a front-row spot? You don’t want to know. The little restaurant, for all budgets, is truly delicious.
If you want to stay “wild” you can lean on the rocks next to the private beach.

3. Baia dei Saraceni beach @ Varigotti, Savona

A breathtaking panorama from a very wide strip of land: this beach stands out among others for its vastness and openness. The fine sand, the tone of the seabed and the majestic Capo di Noli, frame this location making it unique. Parking is easy-peasy, right on the street, and if you can, don’t miss a stroll with ice cream in the centre of Noli.

4. The Porteghetto Beach Bar @ Cervo, Imperia

Are you dreaming of a lunch or dinner lulled by the sound of waves? The Riviera dei Fiori is pleased to present you a small nest, un coin de paradis: the Porteghetto Beach Bar. Lunches, dinners, aperitifs and relax overlooking the sea in the small village of Cervo, which has nothing to envy to the Cinque Terre! A public car park is available on the left just before arriving.

Here, too, the “wild and free” option is available on the rocks, next to the private beach.

5. Capo Mortola @ Mortola Inferiore, Ventimiglia

Accessibility level: Bear Grylls. Leave the children and grandmother at home, because we are going into the deep green. There are many free beaches in Capo Mortola, some of which are easier to access, other much less. It is also true that the most hidden places are always the most real and uncontaminated ones, so have fun finding them! Here, the primordial call of nature permeates everything, so…beware! As happened to me too, you might come across some nudists!

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