Your grandfather is a boomer, your mom a baby-boomer, you are a millennial, but despite this, do you still dream of spending a holiday together? Maybe with the addition of uncles, cousins ​​and, why not, some children in a big family reunion? No, you are not crazy and no, it is not impossible: it is called multigenerational travel, and it is the trend of the moment. We have noticed this, because here at the Relais del Maro in the last two years we have been able to experience first-hand the increase in the frequency of this type of travel; not just that: these are also some of the stays and customers who have remained the most in our heart. 

A journey that connects and includes. 

Among the most popular options for the design of this trip are obviously the experiences: activities to do all together such as cooking classes, excursions, and adventures to discover the area, which allow family members of all ages to become passionate, enthusiastic and gain some new knowledge together, none excluded!

Liguria: a place for the whole family.

Why Liguria is the ideal place for a multigenerational journey is soon explained. The possibility of experiencing the places of this region in a completely authentic and slow way allows each member of the group to be able to find their needs met, whatever their age and preferences. Zero stress, zero frenzies, zero confusion: the older ones will not have to give up any moment of relaxation or visit of new places and the little ones can always count on tranquillity and rest.

Both the coast, dotted with small towns that can be covered on foot, and the countryside, a kingdom of peace and slowness, will give you the possibility of an unforgettable stay…all in the family!