I have to admit it: I’ve always dreamed of being an actress!
Can you imagine my face last year, when they officially informed us that the famous German broadcaster SAT1 would shoot an episode of its acclaimed “GRENZENLOS – die Welt entdecken” program right in our beloved Liguria? If you can’t imagine mine, I’m sure you will be able to imagine Elena’s as soon as she realized that she would be the only one to appear on video!
The days ahead of preparation were intense, our Elena obviously proposed to sponsor and support step by step the German troupe, led by the tireless author Timo Zorn, in every step of the recording, helping them to coordinate with anyone who ended up being part of the project.

The result, needless to say, was exciting: a new Liguria, which as by tradition can count on the diligent and industrious desire of those who never give up, those who really believe in the potential of their land.

From the ingenious monorail between the vineyards at Cinque Terre to another incredible ancient mechanical product such as the cableway between Rapallo and Montallegro, passing through the carruggi of Genoa and their scent of freshly baked focaccia, we arrive at the wonderful underwater farm-garden Nemo’s Garden and then up, we finally reach the hinterland, going to visit the princess Nina in the principality of Seborga or why not Domenico Romeo in his historic pipe shop in the fascinating and mysterious Taggia… of course, arriving finally to us at the Relais!
But now let’s cut the chatter, what’s the use of so many words when you can admire it with your own eyes?
Video is here.