Imagine yourself in our garden. Maybe on a Sunday, under a warm but bright late September sun, surrounded by nature and silence. In the background, only a few faint chirping of sparrows keeps you company and in the distance, a remote coming and going of people animates the country: it’s time for lunch. The food scents from the grandmothers cooking in the kitchens rise and the imagination begins to travel. It goes down to the coast, looking forward to a nice plate of spaghetti with clams…It goes back downstream, dreaming of getting in front of a giant portion of trofie with pesto…

But what to do when that call is too strong to be ignored and your heart does yearn for a single and unique delicacy, his majesty the truffle?
“Martina! You won’t be proposing for the hundredth time to get in the car and face two hours of travel just to reach the Langhe I hope!”

“Ah! People of little faith that you are, nothing else! Who better than me knows that when your pangs tickle you, you can’t put it off for long? So hurry up, get in the car and count: it won’t take more than 20 minutes!”
Direction? Ranzo, towards the Gallo della Checca restaurant, born from the passion of Chef Ugo Vairo. Although the Gallo della Checca has been present in the renowned Michelin Guide for 25 years, it does not take an expert eye to understand, as soon as you set foot, that you have come to a special place. The family atmosphere, the original and authentic furnishings, but above all the selection of wines (all displayed for your pleasure!) are the frame to a unique gastronomic journey between Liguria and Piedmont.

To complete the work, a truffle ground owned by them where their faithful four-legged friend Kim will find those magical earthy treasures so that they arrive fresh on your table. A pinch of grated fresh truffle on Chef Ugo’s incomparable risotto and it will be like having the Langhe in your pocket… or rather, in your stomach!

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