What makes our Relais unique are the people who work there to ensure that customers take home with them pleasant memories of the days spent in Borgomaro. A mostly female staff who will take care of customers in every moment of their stay.

Elena, Claudio and Piera

They are the family that strongly believed and wanted the Relais del Maro. Elena & Piera will be the smiles you will meet most often during your days. You will meet Claudio around especially in the evening.


She was the first to join the staff, she saw the birth of the Relais which is like a son to her. It will be the first smile that you will meet in the morning during breakfast and that you will also see during your lunch breaks and aperitifs in the garden. A thing about her is that she has inexhaustible resources and never gives up on difficulties.


Bella’s essential right-hand, always ready to help customers with any request.
Also, when you see dozens of lanterns lit around the Relais, she is the one you have to thank…her passion is candles.

Armando and Stefano

We must thank Stefano and Armando if the garden and swimming pool are our flagship. Rake in one hand and mower in the other, every week they carefully take care of the plants and lawn of the Relais, making them even more beautiful. If necessary, they also keep the streets of our beloved Borgo in order.


The youngest of the team who always saves us in the most difficult moments in the kitchen. Fast and always available, with her smile she enlightens our days with tenderness.


With Elena & Piera, she is the third column of the Reception. As an “adopted daughter” of the Relais family, she spreads joy and positivity around her, always ready to make you smile with her dearness.


She is a historical member of the staff of the Relais del Maro as well. She is the “boss” of housekeeping and has everything under control in the room service. Wherever she passes leaves the scent of clean…. dirt has no way out with her!


She is our jack of all trades, being wherever help is needed: whether in the kitchen during breakfast and lunch or in the rooms when one of the other girls is away. Tiny but fast, she will always be in the right place at the right time.


Few perhaps have seen her, because she actually only arrives when there are walls and furniture to fix. She is our decoration angel and we must thank her if our hotel is always impeccable. She has innate skills for painting and has already made various “miracles”.


Another factotum from our staff: a great help in the kitchen on summer days when at lunch all the tables are busy, but also an outstanding cook to whom we owe many delicacies prepared at the Relais del Maro, from the homemade sauces to soups and bread with seeds.


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