At the Relais del Maro you can choose between 14 wonderful rooms made with attention to details, each with its own personality that recalls the Borgo Antico and all different in size, colours and furnishings, for a truly unique experience immersed in a fairytale romantic atmosphere in the genuine heart of Liguria.

Following the Albergo Diffuso philosophy, the 14 rooms are located in three different historic buildings in Borgomaro: from 1 to 6 in the Casa Madre, from 11 to 16 in the Casa del Borgo, and 21 and 22 in the Casa del Fienile.

Our hallway? The narrow streets of the village.

The Casa Madre awaits you on the main street, at the beginning of Borgomaro, the Casa del Borgo is located in the hearth of the village, overlooking the main alleyway, in total 90 meters that can be covered on foot. Continuing along the street, after 40 meters you will reach the third building: the Casa del Fienile.

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