Relais del Maro is now famous among our customers as the perfect place for couples and family holidays as well.

We have already talked about our services designed specifically for couples, but what opportunities can you choose in the area during your holiday for three, four, five, or ten people?

Fear not, crew! The band of the Relais offers you all the useful material free of charge at the reception desk! All you have to do is ask and you will receive a handy brochure with a list of the most interesting activities to do together. An example? Check out the top 5 fun activities for families here.

Of course, the Relais is not just a paradise for children; nevertheless, you will find dedicated bathroom products for your children, baby seats and lunch sets to assist them during meals, colouring books, and books to read in the library. You won’t even have to worry about making room in the car for the cot: we can install one of our cots that Bianca and Bella carefully disinfect and arrange whenever necessary. For your little ones, we also offer the possibility of requesting a babysitting service, if you want to organize a dinner for two to spend a romantic evening. Come to the reception for any request and we will be happy to help you!

Warning for older children: at Reception, you will find a map that can lead you to a beautiful playground! Or…you can have fun finding it yourself by following the voices of the children of Borgomaro! A small village is like a magical and ancient world just waiting to be explored!