LAVENDER Ligurian lavender

With the collaboration of our partners at 360Liguria, we have come into contact with a new company dedicated to the cultivation of Ligurian lavender: in recent years Federico has managed to create beautiful lavender fields, whose flowers are used for both cosmetic and food use. The fields can be visited and by appointment we can organize tours of the farm as well; also, in the right season, it is possible to witness the distillation of lavender essential oil from which all other products are then obtained. But if you feel lazy, you can have a look to the brand new small lavender fields overlooking the garden of Relais del Maro. In the season (late spring/early summer), we can organize the distillation right in the garden of Relais del Maro.

Prices starting from € 20.00 per person per visit to the farm plus the explanation of lavender processing.


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15 July 2021