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Enter as guest, leave as a friend

Our motto at the Relais del Maro contains in a few words our most important goal: to help you take home unique emotions by enjoying a completely new experience. What are we talking about? Stay with us and read our diary, which has an important task: to show you through our eyes how extraordinary and unexpected the pleasure of returning to enjoy simplicity can be. That’s what we are trying in Borgomaro, with a little innovation and a pinch of madness!
Live with us a quiet time of pure relaxation, suspended halfway between the electrifying joy of a holiday and the choice of a tourism that respects the environment and the community that surrounds the place where you are.
Many small steps, taken together and with courage, have brought us up to here, but our eyes are already looking at the infinite road that awaits us ahead, and this time we want to take you with us: follow us on our adventure!


Discovering Bordighera Alta

Discovering Bordighera Alta

Upper Bordighera: a marvellous balcony over the sea in western Liguria The municipality of Bordighera consists of two distinct parts: the nucleus of the old town gathered on the Capo Sant'Ampelio (a must-see place in the town), and the new town between the Capo and...

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The medieval village of Cervo

The medieval village of Cervo

Just over 25 kilometres from Relais del Maro is the picturesque village of Cervo, where time seems to have stopped in the Middle Age. The village, included in the prestigious club of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy", is nestled on a spur that slopes down to the...

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