Hands up those who, as a child, fantasized about 2020 as “the year of the future”. I’m sure you understand what I mean. Didn’t you also think that we would finally see flying cars? Ah…no? Why are you laughing, do you think I am the only dreamer here? Well, no!
I know, I know that machines do not fly (yet!), but today more than ever we cannot stop believing in development, especially in the field of mobility and transport. Often in our imagination, the word “progress” goes hand in hand with the word “future”, but we feel brave and above all determined: it is no longer the time to think, this is the time to do! And we want the future to be in our present right now.

As you know, from our first day we have had the environment at heart and, even if today it seems impossible, it has not always been easy to talk about eco-sustainability and zero impact while the world looks you in the face indifferently, let alone electric mobility!

We, however, truly believe that a change is possible if in our everyday choices each of us could simply set a good example. The example is given to us by a large company from our city, the Fratelli Carli company from Oneglia, which has already installed one of the renowned TESLA Superchargers, a very modern type of station that allows you to recharge your car in extremely short times.

We are therefore proud to inform you that from this year also the Relais del Maro will offer the possibility of recharging your electric and hybrid vehicles, thanks to the installation of an 22kw universal ABB column. If you are wondering how this translates in terms of time, know that the full recharge of a car via a charger of this kind can last approximately two hours. What to do while waiting? Come up and have a good slice of cake on the terrace with us…you will regret not having taken more!