Many of them already shone in this wonderful celestial vault, some are rising now: look up and admire with us the new stars of the culinary panorama of Western Liguria.
Joining the veterans in the field, including one of our favourites right in Imperia – the Sarri restaurant – there are some new entries in the 2023 Michelin Guide.

  • Balzi Rossi

First of all the Balzi Rossi restaurant. Enrico Marmo brings the star back to the historic and renowned restaurant in Ventimiglia, with two surprising menus. The first one – “Riviera” (6 courses € 90 + pairing of 4 wines € 60) – is surprising for its predominantly vegetable imprint; the second – “Momento” (8 courses € 100 + wine pairing € 80) – as per the name is literally built on the surprise effect: the dishes served are prepared according to the daily market offer.

  • Casa Buono

The second place decrees a podium for two-thirds intemelio: it is the Casa Buono Restaurant. Keyword? No menu. Like many Ligurian restaurants and trattorias, the preference is for the tasting menu (€ 80). Here too, Chef Antonio Buono focuses on the quality of the raw material: every day he brings to the table what is freshest on offer.

  • Vignamare

Bronze medal to the Vignamare restaurant of the PEQ Agri group, which is the only one to boast the Green Star (a special recognition to kitchens that show particular attention to sustainability) throughout the region. The menu changes according to the season (9 courses € 120 – choice of 4 courses from the proposals € 90 + a small menu € 30 per course approximately – 5 glasses of wine € 60 – 9 glasses of “Super Ligurian” € 100)

From this year two Imperia must-try are also mentioned, but not (yet) starred...two regulars in the Relais del Maro Restaurant Brochure: Osteria Didù and Casa della Rocca!

All the Michelin Stars in Western Liguria:

Paolo e Barbara
Casa Buono
Balzi Rossi

All the restaurants near Imperia mentioned in the Guide:

Casa della Rocca
Il Gallo della Checca
Salvo Cacciatori
Osteria Didù
Osteria Mood
La Conchiglia
Amarea Romolo Mare
Il Giardino del Gusto