The strength of Italy comes above all from its great culinary tradition: each region, or rather, each small town in the country offers unique specialities.

Street food has taken an increasing space in recent years with dozens of dedicated festivals: even the famous Salone del Gusto in Turin devotes an important space to food trucks that offer any type of takeaway dishes.
Surely you know that in Liguria focaccia is king, but what about all the other street food that our cities can offer? Since we are great foodies and street food fans, we have many to suggest.

Why not start from those places that remind us of our teenage years afternoons in Imperia?

These are the kings of Imperia’s street food, and to try them is a must:

1) The hot focaccia baked by the Blengini Bakery

It’s easy to find good, hot focaccia in the morning, but what about the rest of the day?
It is precious to have a snack with a hot “slerfa” (how locals call a focaccia slice) in your hands whenever you want: the Blengini bakery in Imperia can be recognized immediately by the long lines outside its door. Children and adults cannot resist the perfume that invades the nearby street. A stop here is a must.

2) U Papa’s farinata

The name of U Papa has been part of Imperia’s history for decades: for over 120 years this historic tavern has accompanied the days of workers in the nearby port of Oneglia.
Their speciality is farinata, a dish typical of western Liguria made with a humble recipe that uses just chickpeas flour and oil, plus sometimes onions.
In the evening, the “testi”, typical trays used to cook this dish, come out hot from the wood-burning oven to get on our tables or to accompany our walks under the arcades.

3) Madama Dorè’s Pizza

The real “piscialandrea”, which is the typical Ligurian pizza with lots of garlic and anchovies and without cheese, is said to be originally from Sanremo.
But even in Imperia, we have our special spot: Madama Dorè is a historic bar on the market square of Oneglia, considered the place where the best red pizza in the city is baked.
We personally prefer the version without garlic and anchovies, made only with tomatoes and olives (sacrilege for the more traditionalists!): be warned, once you bite the first slice you can no longer stop, especially if you taste it hot, just out of the oven, with its crunchy and oily crust.

4) La Peppina porchetta sandwich

For this street food, we move to the Porto Maurizio district and more precisely to Borgo Marina. In this wonderful corner of Imperia, you will find a small bar that at first glance might not seem special, but where you will find the best sandwiches in the city.
La Peppina is owned by the family that for decades has accompanied our summer afternoons because at the time managed a famous kiosk beside the beach.
For some years now it has moved – just a few meters – and has begun to delight the palates with mouth-watering creations: one of them is the sandwich with porchetta, rich, tasty, accompanied by its special secret sauce.
If you don’t eat meat, don’t worry: you will be happy with their awesome tomato and basil sandwich.

These are our street food spots; now we wait for advice on your favourites as well so we can go and do some quality tests…we never back down! 😉

Enjoy your meal!