Every day our customers can taste the dishes of our tradition starting from breakfast.

And actually, to be a true Ligurian, you cannot miss a taste of vegetable pie in the morning.

Our favourite is the one with Swiss chard and rice.
You can find it in the kitchens of every grandmother in Liguria, especially in the morning, baked and ready to taste before the eleven o’clock mass!
I’m well aware of that because my Grandmother Maggiorina has it for me ready every Sunday morning when I go to visit her.
She is from Conio, upper Valle Impero, and I would like to tell you that this is her original recipe but unfortunately, I can’t, because…well, what a question, of course, it’s a secret!

Granny Magiò always says that she cannot remember the doses, but I know that she is very jealous of her recipe. Anyway, by dint of eating it, over time I said to myself: Martina, by now you should be able to reproduce it!
And so here I am, after several tests, removing a few ml of water, or adding a few grams of flour, cooking the chards with the onion in a pan then trying to put them raw directly in the oven.
Of course, getting the doses right and finding the ideal balance between all the ingredients is certainly the hardest part, but don’t be afraid: even if you can’t see it, the trick is there and luckily for you…I know what it is! For the rest…feel free to make your veggie pie unique according to your taste:


For the pasta matta (crazy dough)
300 g 00 white flour
150 ml water
2/4 spoons of EVO oil
5 g salt

For the filling
80 g rice
600 g white chards
3 shallots
200 g Parmigiano Reggiano
150 g Pecorino
2 eggs
1 EVO oil spoon
Salt + Pepper

Dough Preparation
Sift the flour and create a hole in the middle of it, where you will put water (room temperature), oil and salt in. Start mixing and help yourself with a fork at the beginning if it is easier for you. Mix for 10 min and then let the dough rest.

Filling preparation
Cut the shallots and let them fry for a while before putting the chards in the pan (cut them roughly first!): leave it for 5 to 10 min and meanwhile boil the rice. My way: i fill half the pot with a 1/4 milk + 3/4 water for half the time needed. Mix the rice with the chards and add both grated Parmesan and Pecorino cheese. Let the mix cool down before adding eggs, salt oil and pepper. In the meantime you can split the dough into two parts and roll it. Be sure you poured a filo d’olio (little evo oil) on the baking paper before lying the rolled dough – same on the top of the pie once it will be closed. Pierce the dough (both of them) before spreading the filling

Bake in pre-heated oven : 180 ° x 35 min