A tour of the oil mills near Borgomaro

That time of year has arrived, when the countryside around us is filled with people working for the new olive season: every small town in the Ligurian hinterland has at least 5 or 6 oil mills and producers of oil, our liquid gold.

To make this important tradition better known, there are many small local companies that organize activities with a focus on the world of oil: from days in which you can take part in the collection of the olives and return home with some fresh oil to oil massages under the olive’s trees, up to relaxing walks in the olive groves.

When it comes to oil, all of Liguria is an area of ​​excellence and it is not easy to choose which one is the best product; we have tried to do so for our customers, with a selection of products created with care by the people we have known from generations and who we trust. Who are them? Discover with us some of the oil mills and producers we love the most and whose products we offer every year in our very own corner of typical products:

Cristina Armato Farm – Lucinasco – www.olioarmato.it Cristina is a volcano of ideas, and also produces one of the best oils in the valley. She also created the nice initiative “Adopt an olive tree”. For the incredible quality of their oil, in recent years her company has also received European-wide recognition.

Dinoabbo Farm – Lucinasco – www.dinoabbo.it Generation after generation, the Dinoabbo company has made the history of quality Ligurian olive production and our oil known all over the world. It remains one of the few oil mills to still work with the millstone, just like in the past.

 Frantoio Pellegrino Paolo – Borgomaro – www.frantoiopellegrino.it More than 70 years of history characterize this small family-run oil mill. High-quality oil and products, and a pesto recipe to make you lose your mind.

Giovanni Tallone Oil Mill – Borgomaro – www.oleificiotallone.com In the 1920s, the ancestors of this family were those who gave a great boost to oil production in western Liguria. They offer many products to choose from, always at the top of quality and in limited quantity.

Tera de Prie oil mill – Borgomaro – www.teradeprie.it Love and passion for our territory distinguish the choices of these producers. All products have biological certification and have won several international awards, year after year.

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Each of the companies we have chosen is a small local reality, and you will hardly be able to find their products in the classic shops.

Our motto, as usual, is: GO LOCAL!