When summer arrives and the temperature rises, what could be better than a nice fresh ice cream? Away with the five best ice cream parlours in Imperia, in our opinion!
P.s.: the order is scattered, my friends from Imperia do not swear!

1. The Historical: Gelateria Pinotto
Via Scarincio, 98 – 18100 Imperia
The perennial crowd outside this ice-cream parlour may discourage you… or it may give you the assurance of the goodness of its ice cream! Pinotto is an institution among the master ice-cream makers of Porto Maurizio and therefore a must for ice-cream lovers.

2. The Ligurian: Gelateria Sharbè – da Gaetanina
Via de Geneys, 3 – 18100 Imperia
No sign outside, little fuss inside: Gaetanina and her husband are Ligurian DOC and it is immediately noticeable. Fresh ingredients from the hinterland, an impeccable dedication to fruit flavours that are offered in truly unique and high quality dressings, free cream… but be careful: enter by the entrance and leave by the exit, never the other way round… or you’ll get into trouble!


3. La Novella: I Gelati di Fè
Via Ludovico Maresca, 14 – 18100 Imperia
We in Imperia would call it, in a word, gozzo (big adj. fig. excellent)
I Gelateria di Fè is the most recent in our city in terms of date of birth, but it has already managed to build up its clientele thanks to its extremely creamy, I would say, with a neologism pannosi in short… real meals!

4. L’Incantatrice: Gelateria Acquolina
Via Scarincio, 84 – 18100 Imperia
I have a friend who, heaven forbid, had to stop here after the sea because of his addiction to Acquolina ice cream! I swear! It was like a fixed appointment that you could not escape, and I remember as if it was yesterday that when ‘American peanuts’ appeared on the list of flavours (always displayed outside this micro-gelateria), it was always a party! Acquolina’s ice cream has this effect on so many people in Imperia… try it to believe it!


5. The Gourmet: Gelateria Corte

Largo Sergio Sabatini, 3 – 18100 Imperia
I warn you, lovers of classic-style ice cream might turn up their noses a little. In fact, the Gelateria Corte does not serve the usual flavours, but rather somewhat sophisticated proposals that cannot be found elsewhere. Forget the usual names and ingredients: if you are looking for something different, throw yourself into the choice of a slightly more daring combination!


P.s.: if you are outside Imperia, we recommend two unrivalled ice-cream shop:
to the west: Gelateria Artigianale – Lungo Mare CAP. D’Albertis, 13 – 18010 Santo Stefano al Mare
to the east: Il Negozietto del Gelato – Via della Resistenza, 15/17 – 18016 San Bartolomeo al Mare