Being sustainable and eco-friendly is no longer an optional and tourism trends are confirming this: travelers are progressively becoming sensitive to the ecological issue and their choice of holidays and structures also involves attention to the environment.

Each of us can make a difference to prevent the ongoing climate change, that’s why at the Relais del Maro we are working hard on this topic!

With this, we wish to make you take part in all our green choices to offer you unforgettable hospitality in the key of eco-sustainability.

The Relais del Maro is part of the EcoWorldHotel chain, the first group in Italy of eco-sensitive hotels and bed & breakfasts animated by an innovative philosophy in a project that aims to protect the environment.

It is also part of Green Pearls® Unique Places, a portfolio of selected eco-sustainable hotels with unique characteristics. The philosophy of Green Pearls® Unique Places has as its foundation the responsibility of each of us towards the protection of the planet and respect for different local cultures and traditions.
Green Pearls members are proof that there are wonderful places that actively contribute to green tourism, without forgetting comfort and quality.

The Relais del Maro meets the requirements of Green Pearls thanks to its green philosophy and the initiatives put in place to make the world a greener place.
We are committed to protecting nature by adopting concrete energy saving measures, using low environmental impact technologies and as much energy from renewable sources as possible.
Here in Borgomaro, thanks to the strong commitment dedicated to both the project and the renovations and daily management, we have obtained the EcoWorldHotel and Green Pearls® Unique Places Environmental Quality Mark.

Every day we do our best to:
1. reduce the impact on the territory of the activities related to the management of the structure;
2. apply, in our daily work, small but effective initiatives aimed at reducing consumption;
3. use eco-compatible technologies and alternative energy sources such as thermal-solar and photovoltaic energy;
4. promote a type of responsible tourism, attentive to ecology;
5. involve guests in our ecological choices, for example by inviting them to adopt simple but important measures in defense of the environmental heritage during their stay at the hotel;
6. support initiatives aimed at promoting and understanding the traditions, culture and history of the area in which we live or where we are staying for holidays or work.

Here is a brief list of the solutions implemented:

Consulting Casa Clima
To be sure of following the right road, we asked for help from those who know bio-building better than anyone: Casa Clima in Bolzano. This is a public authority for energy and environment certification of buildings, both new and renovated, and training of operators in the building sector. We worked together with them on energy efficiency in the building sphere.

It has been used for internal-external insulation. This product is based on crushed earthenware, natural hydraulic lime, hydrated lime and carbonate-based inert materials. This type of plaster combines excellent thermal insulation with excellent transpiration, thanks to the materials used – such as natural hydraulic lime and baked clay (crushed earthenware).

Foam Glass Insulator
This insulate is made of micro-spheres of recycled glass, essentially vehicle windscreens. It contains no propellent gases harmful to the environment and does not contain eco-toxic elements.

Acoustic Insulator
The insulate used comprises a resilient, ecological, multi-layer sound-proofing panel suitable for acoustic insulation for the noise of aeroplanes and treading feet, comprising a layer of recycled high density natural and synthetic elements

Roof Insulator
In fir wood of certified origin and pure resins, it is an optimal thermal insulate for roofs since it ensures excellent protection against summer heat and winter cold, as well as good acoustic insulation.  An excellent humidity regulator, it allows good diffusion of water vapour

Fittings in Lamellar Wood
First choice fir wood from forests managed with programmed replanting. These fittings have thermal transmittance of 1.2  W/mqK (certified value).

Floors in “cotto”
The tiles have been made still by hand, one by one, using ancient craftsmanship methods

Parquet Floors
In sawn oak, with laminates dried and seasoned for at least 24 months fitted on a floating and sound-absorbing base

Walls paint
Made using an ancient application method of hydraulic lime and pigments. The same technique was used by the Romans to finish water cisterns that can still be seen today in several buildings in Pompeii

Bio Electricity Switch
Every room has a switch that, if activated, prevents the flow of current in the cables thereby creating an area with limited electro-magnetic waves for even more comfort while sleeping

Cooling and Heating
High efficiency heat pumps and total integration of conditioning plant, as well as production of sanitary hot water using solar thermal and photovoltaic systems

All choosen with a high energy efficiency class

Control over an internal network of all functions of the property to optimise energy saving

Lighting is 100% with LEDs

Water Saving
Water for irrigation and the swimming pool is taken from an artesian well and then treated

Photovoltaic Panels
High yield models

Solar-Thermal Panels
With heat recovery for swimming pool water

In antique wood, recuperated or of certified origin

Ecological and natural

Stones for exteriors
From quarries in Piedmont no further than 150 km from Borgomaro

But also… We want to make our own contribution to safeguarding the environment through attentive management and large and small daily expedients


Our clients have the possibility to rent the e-bikes for day tour among our valleys

 Ecological & Recycled Paper
Our Relais only uses ecological or recycled paper

 Differential Waste Collection
Personnel and clients alike are informed about waste recycling methods. All rooms have a waste-basket for differential collection, while old batteries may be left at the reception

We make every effort to find products by local and organic companies: most products in the breakfast buffet come from Liguria and lower part of Piedmont.

The detergents used inside the Relais for routine cleaning are all ecological and more than 95% biodegradable

 Courtesy Set
The courtesy set is very minimal to avoid using too much packaging: every shower and every sink are fitted with soap dosing units to allow the use of bulk products. All the courtesy line product chosen are Made in Italy and based on olive oil without parabens.



Did you know that 1 in 2 travelers all over the world believes that measures taken to help the environment are an important part in choosing their accommodation?

If you are an ecological traveler too, what other green actions would you like to be able to fulfil during your stay?

 Write them on our social networks or send us an email

Elena and Martina, will be happy to answer you!


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