What treasures are hidden in the streets of Borgomaro? Find out with the izi.TRAVEL app!
It is funny to think back to how many times customers have asked me for a map of Borgomaro! How do you explain it to those who are not local, that here to find the way we look at the river, the mountains and nothing else?

When a town does not reach the twenty-five square kilometres of surface, it does not need maps: with just the classic “two steps after lunch” from the welcome sign, you quickly reach the end of the country.
Of course, this is what we all thought. In reality, for those who know how to find them, in Borgomaro there is a myriad of corners where you can stop to admire small jewels of our past. These corners are from time to time so remote and almost forgotten that to find them there would be the need for a real treasure hunt, as well as a fearless spirit of adventure.

What about you? Are you a true explorer? Well, what are you waiting for? From today, thanks to the LiguriaWOW project created by the volunteers of the non-profit associations WePesto and Ponente Experience, you can immerse yourself in the discovery of our small town simply by downloading the very comfortable izi.TRAVEL smartphone application!

Start exploring the surroundings now and have fun discovering places that only few know about: magical and solitary places such as the Oratory of Sant’Anna, that of the Madonna del Ponte and San Giuseppe, or even the Casa del Cavaliere, the Palazzo Doria and the unmissable Convent of San Nazario!

All you need to do is start the app, open the door and enjoy the sun which, peeking through our olive trees, will accompany you on this short but unique journey. Here the link to download app.

And then three, two, one…ready, go on the hunt!