The top 5 family activities in western Liguria

The top 5 family activities in western Liguria

Are your kids wild? Going to the beach is fun, but sometimes, during a vacation, even children expect to try new stimuli or to embark on new adventures. Below you will find the 5 most fun activities to do together with your family during a stay at the Relais del Maro!


Predictable? Never! The Aquarium of Genoa is the largest in Europe and has 70 exhibition tanks and 200 acclimatization tanks! I’ve been there three times and the last one, as an adult, was even more exciting. The colours and variety of the species enchant anyone, young and old. Super-fav: the jellyfish, in dark tubs, illuminated with light effects. Simply hypnotic. Small tip: go there by train, it will save you from the pains from parking!
Duration (recommended): one day.


Get ready for the open sea! This now-traditional activity in our city has made us all dream! Bring a nice cap, a sandwich, two tablets for seasickness (if you suffer from it) and leave for the big blue, aboard the boat of WHALEWATCHING! The stretch of sea that bathes the French Riviera-Liguria-Tuscany-Sardinia is in fact known as “the Cetacean Sanctuary” thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics and will allow you to venture out in search of whales and dolphins!
Duration: 6 hours.


A real dip in prehistory, to admire the largest cemetery of ancient Caves Bears but above all the power of nature. These caves have a karst origin and are rich in stalactites and stalagmites that reach up to eight meters and small lakes where, even today, a tiny prehistoric crustacean, the Niphargus, lives. The route is very simple, but adequate footwear is a must.
Duration: one hour.


Immersed in the greenery of the Ligurian Alps, the structure managed by the Pro Loco of Mendatica offers children (3+), kids and adults the thrill of adventure in complete safety! Bridges, walkways, nets and tunnels suspended up to 8 meters in height will give you the right amount of adrenaline. The paths are equipped with a safety rope and each participant will have suitable equipment. Obviously, the staff has been carefully trained to provide any necessary instructions; if you are unsure, ask for Ludovico! I have known him for almost twenty years and he is a real professional! Duration: one day.


I placed this fifth only for the sake of impartiality, but inside me, I feel the eleven-year-old Martina screaming: BUT HOW?!?! I swear, believe me: the Le Caravelle water park was a regular stop of mine every summer until I was 18 if I’m not mistaken. Slides, currents, waves, raftsa real land of water amusement! Eighty thousand square meters of pure fun, without stopping, not even for the famous tomato sandwich! Free Baby Club, cloakroom, deck chairs, sunbeds, cafè. A full day in the midst of comfort for the adult ones and entertainment for the little ones. Do you think you are brave? Climb the Kamikaze slide, and then come to the reception to tell me about it.
Duration: (for me) a day + the infinite.


That irresistible desire for truffles….in Liguria!

That irresistible desire for truffles….in Liguria!

Imagine yourself in our garden. Maybe on a Sunday, under a warm but bright late September sun, surrounded by nature and silence. In the background, only a few faint chirping of sparrows keeps you company and in the distance, a remote coming and going of people animates the country: it’s time for lunch. The food scents from the grandmothers cooking in the kitchens rise and the imagination begins to travel. It goes down to the coast, looking forward to a nice plate of spaghetti with clams…It goes back downstream, dreaming of getting in front of a giant portion of trofie with pesto…

But what to do when that call is too strong to be ignored and your heart does yearn for a single and unique delicacy, his majesty the truffle?
“Martina! You won’t be proposing for the hundredth time to get in the car and face two hours of travel just to reach the Langhe I hope!”

“Ah! People of little faith that you are, nothing else! Who better than me knows that when your pangs tickle you, you can’t put it off for long? So hurry up, get in the car and count: it won’t take more than 20 minutes!”
Direction? Ranzo, towards the Gallo della Checca restaurant, born from the passion of Chef Ugo Vairo. Although the Gallo della Checca has been present in the renowned Michelin Guide for 25 years, it does not take an expert eye to understand, as soon as you set foot, that you have come to a special place. The family atmosphere, the original and authentic furnishings, but above all the selection of wines (all displayed for your pleasure!) are the frame to a unique gastronomic journey between Liguria and Piedmont.

To complete the work, a truffle ground owned by them where their faithful four-legged friend Kim will find those magical earthy treasures so that they arrive fresh on your table. A pinch of grated fresh truffle on Chef Ugo’s incomparable risotto and it will be like having the Langhe in your pocket… or rather, in your stomach!

The Relais lands on the small screen thanks to the German documentary series Grenzenlos | THE VIDEO

The Relais lands on the small screen thanks to the German documentary series Grenzenlos | THE VIDEO

I have to admit it: I’ve always dreamed of being an actress!
Can you imagine my face last year, when they officially informed us that the famous German broadcaster SAT1 would shoot an episode of its acclaimed “GRENZENLOS – die Welt entdecken” program right in our beloved Liguria? If you can’t imagine mine, I’m sure you will be able to imagine Elena’s as soon as she realized that she would be the only one to appear on video!
The days ahead of preparation were intense, our Elena obviously proposed to sponsor and support step by step the German troupe, led by the tireless author Timo Zorn, in every step of the recording, helping them to coordinate with anyone who ended up being part of the project.

The result, needless to say, was exciting: a new Liguria, which as by tradition can count on the diligent and industrious desire of those who never give up, those who really believe in the potential of their land.

From the ingenious monorail between the vineyards at Cinque Terre to another incredible ancient mechanical product such as the cableway between Rapallo and Montallegro, passing through the carruggi of Genoa and their scent of freshly baked focaccia, we arrive at the wonderful underwater farm-garden Nemo’s Garden and then up, we finally reach the hinterland, going to visit the princess Nina in the principality of Seborga or why not Domenico Romeo in his historic pipe shop in the fascinating and mysterious Taggia… of course, arriving finally to us at the Relais!
But now let’s cut the chatter, what’s the use of so many words when you can admire it with your own eyes?
Video is here.

Discover now Borgomaro’s hidden treasures with the new map!

Discover now Borgomaro’s hidden treasures with the new map!

What treasures are hidden in the streets of Borgomaro? Find out with the izi.TRAVEL app!
It is funny to think back to how many times customers have asked me for a map of Borgomaro! How do you explain it to those who are not local, that here to find the way we look at the river, the mountains and nothing else?

When a town does not reach the twenty-five square kilometres of surface, it does not need maps: with just the classic “two steps after lunch” from the welcome sign, you quickly reach the end of the country.
Of course, this is what we all thought. In reality, for those who know how to find them, in Borgomaro there is a myriad of corners where you can stop to admire small jewels of our past. These corners are from time to time so remote and almost forgotten that to find them there would be the need for a real treasure hunt, as well as a fearless spirit of adventure.

What about you? Are you a true explorer? Well, what are you waiting for? From today, thanks to the LiguriaWOW project created by the volunteers of the non-profit associations WePesto and Ponente Experience, you can immerse yourself in the discovery of our small town simply by downloading the very comfortable izi.TRAVEL smartphone application!

Start exploring the surroundings now and have fun discovering places that only few know about: magical and solitary places such as the Oratory of Sant’Anna, that of the Madonna del Ponte and San Giuseppe, or even the Casa del Cavaliere, the Palazzo Doria and the unmissable Convent of San Nazario!

All you need to do is start the app, open the door and enjoy the sun which, peeking through our olive trees, will accompany you on this short but unique journey. Here the link to download app.

And then three, two, one…ready, go on the hunt!