When travel becomes multigenerational: the best opportunity to build family memories

When travel becomes multigenerational: the best opportunity to build family memories

Your grandfather is a boomer, your mom a baby-boomer, you are a millennial, but despite this, do you still dream of spending a holiday together? Maybe with the addition of uncles, cousins ​​and, why not, some children in a big family reunion? No, you are not crazy and no, it is not impossible: it is called multigenerational travel, and it is the trend of the moment. We have noticed this, because here at the Relais del Maro in the last two years we have been able to experience first-hand the increase in the frequency of this type of travel; not just that: these are also some of the stays and customers who have remained the most in our heart. 

A journey that connects and includes. 

Among the most popular options for the design of this trip are obviously the experiences: activities to do all together such as cooking classes, excursions, and adventures to discover the area, which allow family members of all ages to become passionate, enthusiastic and gain some new knowledge together, none excluded!

Liguria: a place for the whole family.

Why Liguria is the ideal place for a multigenerational journey is soon explained. The possibility of experiencing the places of this region in a completely authentic and slow way allows each member of the group to be able to find their needs met, whatever their age and preferences. Zero stress, zero frenzies, zero confusion: the older ones will not have to give up any moment of relaxation or visit of new places and the little ones can always count on tranquillity and rest.

Both the coast, dotted with small towns that can be covered on foot, and the countryside, a kingdom of peace and slowness, will give you the possibility of an unforgettable stay…all in the family!

When travel becomes multigenerational: the best opportunity to build family memories

The Typical Town Shops

That of small towns is a simple world, where everyone knows each other and where you can still go to the small shop and ask for “the usual”.

Do you also miss small-town shops? Then follow us for a tour of traditional shops of Western Ligurian that we have collected for you: in these unique places, you will find the aromas and flavours of the past, with top quality products, sourced directly from local farmers or in some cases even produced by the owners.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Il forno di Nonna Pierina bakery in Borgomaro
For everyone, she is aunt Bruna and for years she has been dedicating her passion to the creation of the typical products of Borgomaro. Do not miss the focaccia, the savoury pies and the delicious desserts; among the latter are the very famous Brutti ma Buoni biscuits which you can often taste accompanying coffee at the Relais.
Here, you will find freshly baked bread on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Don’t forget to book her delights, or you can come and taste them and order them at the Relais del Maro!
Via P. Merano 36, 18021 Borgomaro | Tel. +39 018354057


Alimentari Re a Borgomaro
If you feel peckish in Borgomaro, this is the place for you! Alimentari Re is the typical town shop, with lots of fresh foods: fruit, vegetables, fridge products, eggs and bread. The counter cheeses are very good. Piazza F. Cascione, 8, Borgomaro Tel. +39 018354076 aLIMENTARI A bORGOMARO

La Strega di Triora a Triora

From a selection of cheeses to Triora bread, from mushrooms to the specialities of the Argentina valley: all this and even more. Their delicious jams often make their way into the heart of our customers. For breakfast, at the Relais, you can enjoy a selection of three different ones, in daily rotation. Orange and Lemon, Winter Memories, Delizia di Bosco…it’s hard to choose the best one! On reservations, they also organize rich tastings.
Corso Italia – Triora | Tel. 0184 94278 www.lastregaditriora.it



Agaccio  in Ponte di Nava
A whole market in one shop. Don’t be frightened by the number of people you will see at the entrance when you arrive in the parking lot in front: this is a very famous place. At Agaccio you will find any kind of treat: at the entrance, there is an exhibition of fruit and vegetables that would be the envy of a street market stall, then on the left, you will see bread, focaccia, vegetable pies. The counter continues flaunting rich cold meats including ham with herbs and delicious salami, up to the royalties of this exhibition: fresh and seasoned toma cheese! Before exiting the shop, have a look at the chocolate…yum yum!
Ponte Di Nava 55, Ponte Di Nava | Tel. 0174 399927

These are just some of our favourite traditional Ligurian shops around the Relais.

Do you want genuine products and heart-warming places?
Just ask, it will be a pleasure to reveal other hidden gems!


NEWS 2021: welcome our new charging station for electric mobility!

NEWS 2021: welcome our new charging station for electric mobility!

Hands up those who, as a child, fantasized about 2020 as “the year of the future”. I’m sure you understand what I mean. Didn’t you also think that we would finally see flying cars? Ah…no? Why are you laughing, do you think I am the only dreamer here? Well, no!
I know, I know that machines do not fly (yet!), but today more than ever we cannot stop believing in development, especially in the field of mobility and transport. Often in our imagination, the word “progress” goes hand in hand with the word “future”, but we feel brave and above all determined: it is no longer the time to think, this is the time to do! And we want the future to be in our present right now.

As you know, from our first day we have had the environment at heart and, even if today it seems impossible, it has not always been easy to talk about eco-sustainability and zero impact while the world looks you in the face indifferently, let alone electric mobility!

We, however, truly believe that a change is possible if in our everyday choices each of us could simply set a good example. The example is given to us by a large company from our city, the Fratelli Carli company from Oneglia, which has already installed one of the renowned TESLA Superchargers, a very modern type of station that allows you to recharge your car in extremely short times.

We are therefore proud to inform you that from this year also the Relais del Maro will offer the possibility of recharging your electric and hybrid vehicles, thanks to the installation of an 22kw universal ABB column. If you are wondering how this translates in terms of time, know that the full recharge of a car via a charger of this kind can last approximately two hours. What to do while waiting? Come up and have a good slice of cake on the terrace with us…you will regret not having taken more!

That’s Amore! Surprise your partner with one of our romantic services

That’s Amore! Surprise your partner with one of our romantic services

This period of quarantine didn’t spare couple life: some have children at home all day, some have spent it far away from their partner, while some were too close. To make it right again, when all this will be over in our opinion will be important to take a few days completely dedicated to your loved one.

An evening spent in front of the TV, a picnic on the beach, a dinner by the sea or a small romantic getaway in the countryside are the perfect ingredients to liven up the atmosphere!

At Relais del Maro we have thought of everything: you can take advantage of a comfortable transfer service with private driver for you and your better half, so that you do not have to give up the pleasure of a toast during your romantic candlelit dinner

Or surprise your significant other on arrival by making them find candles, flowers, bubbles and strawberries in her room!

Are you looking for something more original? From this year you can also choose two fantastic new experiences that will make your stay at the Relais unforgettable: the Two Hearts and One Blanket service, to receive everything you need for a romantic picnic among the olive trees or by the sea!

But if you’re a Netflix & Chill guy, why not try our Movie Night kit? A selection of films, popcorn, candies and drinks to accompany a very special evening.

And if you really couldn’t leave the children at home, don’t worry, there’s always our baby-sitting service available.

Take a look at the package that the Relais family has designed for couples, you can find it HERE

One, two, three…fourth star

One, two, three…fourth star

Okay, how many times we heard you say: impossible that you only have three stars! You wanted to praise us, and we went with it!

After a path made of races and chases, and of bureaucratic issues that sometimes seemed impossible to overcome, we finally succeeded: we were awarded our fourth star and today we are a four-star hotel!

The classification of a hotel is considered one of the most direct evaluation parameters regarding its quality. However, a more careful analysis shows that that’s not always true that a higher number of stars corresponds to a higher level of quality: for example it happens – and not infrequently – that a hotel which was classified as “luxury” fifty years ago still maintains today the same wording only because no one over the years has actually verified whether it maintained the standards required over time. For us, on the other hand, it was the opposite: we wanted to give our best from the beginning of the project from all points of view, starting from the renovation carried out using high-level materials and furniture, to the services, arriving to the ingredients used to prepare the delicacies for our customers.

We really did our best and it is right that our commitment should also be recognized by the authorities. And here we are: we are happy, therefore, to have reached this fourth star without having to change, without blurring ourselves to return to empty and impersonal parameters. We remained what we are, with all our strengths and weaknesses, we proposed for what we are worth, trying to show our potential to others, and a magical thing happened: even the bureaucracy understood it, that a Albergo Diffuso can never be judged on the same line as a normal hotel because it has innate characteristics in the type of hospitality that make it unique and special.

And then let’s say it: we are not really ordinary! When the message is strong, there are no deaf people: believe in yourself regardless of who is in front of you to judge, because when the passion is great, you feel it! Are we proud of this milestone? How not to be!!! And to celebrate we have already uncorked one: cheers!

The Relais is pet-friendly!

The Relais is pet-friendly!

Sometimes it happens that customers, before booking, send us requests asking us if it is possible to stay at the Relais bringing their four-legged friends with them. But hear this: in a place of peace and love like ours, how could we ever deny access to your faithful companions? Cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits… all pets are welcome at ours!

At the Relais we are equipped with a special set for your furry friends: a comfortable pillow for sleeping, two bowls and last but not least a delicious bag of biscuits for a sweet welcome!

We believe in the common sense of our customers and we expect that peaceful coexistence can be shared without breaking the Zen balance that hovers in our magical place.

So don’t hesitate to bring your friends with you! Aside from jumping into the pool, your animals can do (almost) everything: access the restaurant, stroll around the garden or even crouch under the sofa legs at the reception to keep us company. I repeat “under” otherwise you will hear Piera!