In this period of isolation, we have often thought to what we would like to do once we will be free: I am sure that one of my first day out will be a trip in the beautiful nature around Borgomaro.

We have always pointed out how Liguria is a region with a unique variety of landscapes. This narrow land, between mountains and sea gives you the possibility to enjoy the beach and the snow in the same day. Between sea and mountains you will find plenty of clear creeks , green fields, deep valleys, lively seaside town and peaceful villages  which are the frame of many activities in the nature.

Today we want to talk about Movimento & Natura: they are an association that organize days of canyoning not far from us in Liguria and to explain who they are I would start with a quote taken from their website

The river taught me how to listen, from the river you too will learn how. The river knows everything; one can learn everything from it. You have already learned from the river that it is good to strive downwards, to sink, to seek the depths”

This company offers outdoor activities since quite a few years and it is designed both for children and grown up. You can be a pro or you can be at your first experience, does not matter… they will find the right trail for you. You just have to enjoy the slides and the refreshing waters on your face… but remember to laugh with a close mouth, otherwise you will drink a lot of water!!!

The creek is the Rio Santa Lucia in Ponti di Pornassio ( ca 30 minutes from Borgomaro) and the favourite trails are two:

Santa Lucia base, 2 hours – medium difficulty, ca 40 euro

Santa Lucia full, 4 hours – medium-high difficulty, ca 60 euro

It would  nice to take off the pajamas right now and live this experience? Now we cannot do that because we need to stay home; but you know what you can do anyway?  Start planning your next adventures and if you need help just send us an email