It’s been ringing in our ears since the dawn of time, from the times when we left the house to go to children school with our backpacks twice the size of us: breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Refuelling in the morning is essential, but I am veeeery lazy and often when I get up I am not hungry at all.
Do you know when I really want a nice breakfast, though?

When I imagine having it on a sunny morning, a stone’s throw from the sea, with my best friends. Whether it’s 8 or 11 in the morning, with this scenario in mind for me it’s always time for breakfast! Even if in Liguria we don’t like to go too fast and therefore…let’s make it a break but not fast at all!

If you love sea views and are around Imperia, you will have the Alpha and Omega of the city kiosks to choose from, exactly at the antipodes of the city: on the eastern coast, the timeless Tecciú de Mà, at Paoletta’s.
A must for the Onegliesi DOC who never miss a good coffee and a piece of focaccia before going to the beach. The Tecciú café, in fact, is located pretty much at the end of the Imperia Oneglia seafront, above the famous rock of the La Galeazza free beach.

To the west of the city, at the other end in the suggestive Borgo Prino, those from Rabina a.k.a. Fulvio and Fabrizio will welcome you at their Chiosco 100%: an unmissable spot because of the originality of the place but above all the welcome and warmth of the staff! They will really make you feel at home!

If you are already in the centre of Porto Maurizio, you can also go to the Borgo Marina area: the two kiosks that compete for the square here are the Capo Horn, a beloved spot from my youth days spent on the shore lazing around, and the timeless Peppino, inventor and distributor of one of the baked cakes closest to our hearts: the fagotto al cioccolato, literally “chocolate bundle”.

Going back to the east of the city, another place worthy of mention for its relaxing and calm open view is the Caffè del Porto on the De Amicis square, in front of the small port of Oneglia: for locals, this is a famous destination for a coffee, both in the morning or in the early afternoon sun.