Did you know that it is one of the lowest calorie cocktails ever? And that juniper berries have a myriad of beneficial effects on our bodies? There are even those who say that this mix of herbs is an excellent ally against cellulite..

How many more reasons do you need to drink a good gin and tonic? I know, you don’t need reasons, you just need a hot summer and a nice holiday (maybe at the Relais!)

Laughter aside, maybe I can still tell you something you don’t know… for example that in Liguria, gin is produced from at least 10 different producers.

“Martina but of course, we drank one at Relais!”
I know! Oleificio Roi’s Gin Taggiasco, which you know well, is the gin produced with taggiasca olives from our region and we already have it on our gins menu.

But which are the others?

1. Portofino Gin – Asti  | Portofino Gin – Asti | Although it is produced in the Asti area, the bouquet of aromatics used comes entirely from the Portofino hills. Citrusy, floral, pleasantly spicy: what an icon!

2. Gin Ginuensis – Genova | “Ginuensis is smooth, clean and fragrant on the palate, with an almost sweet and lovable aftertaste. The spicy nose is reminiscent of oriental scenery… And other similar belinate” is how their creators describe it. Kaffir lime leaves, orange, liquorice and cumin, these are the suggestions of the Genoese gin par excellence. P.s.: and if you don’t know what a “belinata” is… well, click here but don’t be proud of it!

3. Camügin – Camogli (GE) | Camugin is the old Genoese name by which the inhabitants of the seaside village called the town of Camogli. Absolute protagonists: sea salt and the herbs of the Ligurian hills. One more reason to visit Camogli, besides the focaccia!

4. Gin Gino – Cengio (SV) | In the ORIGINE workshop, only raw materials from organic farming are processed. Here the granddaddy of all Ligurian gins is born: Gin Gino. A gin that doesn’t mince its words, so if you prefer soft, round flavours, it may not be for you

5. Gin Legend – Genova | A balanced gin, suitable for every palate but with a unique note that makes it perfectly recognisable (and therefore my super favourite): peppermint. Although…

6. Gin Mä – Genova | ..being in Liguria, I would rather say that the favourite can only be the only gin in the world produced with Basilico Genovese DOP! Two is better than one, said an advertisement, and here it is even better than three, four and five… the only botanicals used are in fact only two: basil and juniper.

7. “U Spessià” Gin – Savona | Didn’t we say at the beginning that gin and tonic is like a balm for the body? This gin produced by the Opificio Clandestino degli In-Fusi takes its name from the ancient figure of the pharmacist, who knew how to heal all ills thanks to his herbal mixes, in the words of Andrea Bruzzone.

8. 969 Gin – Genova | Again the scents of the city of Genoa enclosed in a bottle, thanks to the intense salty notes of the seaweed used as botanicals. In addition: orange peel, to soften its salinity..

9. Rusagni Gin – Rezzoaglio (GE) | From the Liquorificio Fabrizii di Rezzoaglio comes at last a nice warm gin, even in colour. Citrusy notes, local herbs, juniper: these are the ingredients of Rusagni, a gin ‘as it once was’.

The difficult part comes now: which one to choose to include in our gin list!