Albergo diffuso

“Albergo Diffuso” is a typical Italian accommodation concept featuring a hotel spread among different recovered historical buildings, designed to offer guests a life experience in a traditional town while still being able to have all the services of a hotel as hospitality, catering, space for guests. Its peculiarity is the offer of an experiential holiday fully integrated with the life of the town, in an ecosystem that includes inhabitants, visitors, typical and traditional commercial activities and the hotel itself, a living element, which parts are widespread through the streets. A new genuine form of tourism between relaxation and tradition, sustainable without giving up comfort and elegance.

Enjoy your holiday in our Albergo Diffuso in Borgomaro, Imperia,
in Western Liguria.

You will stay in buildings and rooms that are no more than 120 meters away from the “heart” of the main structure, where the reception and other common areas are located.
The Albergo Diffuso is also a model of territorial development with a low environmental impact. To create this type of hotel, it is not necessary to build since we simply recover and renovate, adding then to the network what already exists. This solution also acts as a “social safeguard” and animates the historic centers by stimulating initiatives and involving local businesses and activities considered as a key component of the offer. All this is what we wanted to do at the Relais del Maro: because we believe that Borgomaro and its territory are a wonderful experience and we want you to try it.

Relais del Maro for a better world

The Relais del Maro is part of the EcoWorldHotel chain, the first group in Italy of eco-sensitive hotels and bed & breakfasts animated by an innovative philosophy in a project that aims to protect the environment.
It is also part of Green Pearls® Unique Places, a portfolio of selected eco-sustainable hotels with unique characteristics. The philosophy of Green Pearls® Unique Places has as its foundation the responsibility of each of us towards the protection of the planet and respect for different local cultures and traditions.
Green Pearls members are proof that there are wonderful places that actively contribute to green tourism, without forgetting comfort and quality. The Relais del Maro meets the requirements of Green Pearls thanks to its green philosophy and the initiatives put in place to make the world a greener place.
We are committed to protecting nature by adopting concrete energy saving measures, using low environmental impact technologies and as much energy from renewable sources as possible.
Here in Borgomaro, thanks to the strong commitment dedicated to both the project and the renovations and daily management, we have obtained the EcoWorldHotel and Green Pearls® Unique Places Environmental Quality Mark.
Every day we do our best to:
1. reduce the impact on the territory of the activities related to the management of the structure;
2. apply, in our daily work, small but effective initiatives aimed at reducing consumption;
3. use eco-compatible technologies and alternative energy sources such as thermal-solar and photovoltaic energy;
4. promote a type of responsible tourism, attentive to ecology;
5. involve guests in our ecological choices, for example by inviting them to adopt simple but important measures in defense of the environmental heritage during their stay at the hotel;
6. support initiatives aimed at promoting and understanding the traditions, culture and history of the area in which we live or where we are staying for holidays or work.


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